Thursday, April 30, 2015

April comes to an end

Killdeer, Aqua Vitae Rd, Hadley, MA, Apr 30, 2015
Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs, Aqua Vitae Rd, Hadley, MA, Apr 30, 2015
The migrants continue to slowly trickle in, but still no major influx so far. I have stopped briefly on my way to work at a few spots the last few mornings and have managed to find a few decent birds adding a half dozen species. On Monday I turned up three Greater Yellowlegs (as well as a few Killdeer and a Wilson's Snipe) and a couple American Pipits along Aqua Vitae Road. On Tuesday I finally came across a Blue headed Vireo in Northampton...probably my latest date to find this species in spring. On Thursday I stopped at the Silvio Conte NWR-Fort River and found a couple new species including a Chimney Swift and a Rose breasted Grosbeak. On my way toward Aqua Vitae Road I managed to slice my car tire and when I pulled over to check it the tire was rapidly going flat. As I was already there I checked the mudflats on Aqua Vitae Road and found two Lesser Yellowlegs as well as four each of Greater Yellowlegs and Killdeer before getting the tire changed. As April comes to a close I stand at 148 species in the county for the year which is a bit below where I would expect to be at this point.  The forecast calls for some drizzle and cool temperatures with an east wind tomorrow but after that the winds should become more favorable and I expect to see an influx of stuff over the weekend.

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