Thursday, April 23, 2015

A slow week in the valley

Double crested Cormorants, Winsor Dam, Quabbin Park, MA, Apr 22, 2015

Bonaparte's Gull, Winsor Dam, Quabbin Park, MA, Apr 21, 2015
Broad winged Hawks, Belchertown, MA, Apr 21, 2015

Ospreys, Belchertown, MA, Apr 21, 2015
American Wigeon, Aqua Vitae Rd, Hadley, MA, Apr 21, 2015
Winsor Dam, Quabbin Park, MA, Apr 22, 2015
Winsor Dam with snow showers moving past, Quabbin Park, MA, Apr 23, 2015
Usually by this point in April there are lots of new arrivals everyday but this year continues to be far from normal.  I'm also usually out most mornings for an extended period this time of year enjoying the early spring conditions but the weather and my continued stomach bug from Costa Rica has curtailed by outings.  I have only managed to make brief stops on my way to and from work with stops typically at Winsor Dam and along Aqua Vitae Road.  A bit of wind out of the south late Tuesday into Wednesday at least got some raptors moving and allowed a few other birds to trickle in.  Late Tuesday seemed to be really conducive for raptors to move, especially Broad winged Hawks and Ospreys, with large numbers streaming rapidly northeast.  The weather by mid week turned colder with northerly winds predominating with some snow/sleet showers late today and record lows forecast for tonight.  Tomorrow is suppose to be cold and windy once again with a slight warm up forecast into the weekend. 

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