Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A few brief stops this morning

The winds last night continued out of the south slightly and with on and off thunderstorms and showers.  I hoped that something (terns or shorebirds) tried to move through but then got caught in bad weather and set down.  With this in mind I checked Winsor Dam at dawn but nothing unusual there.  I then headed toward Northampton with brief stops along the rail trail and a few fields in Hadley.  Again nothing unusual was found.  Perhaps someone did find something of note today but that someone was not me this morning.
The evening featured a nice Common Nighthawk show with at least 21 over the house late in the evening.  I also had a Barred Owl hooting and a Virginia Rail sounding off at home.  I had thoughts of trying to conduct the Quabbin Park area Whip-poor-will survey this evening but the weather made that impossible to do.  Perhaps this weekend or early next week?

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