Sunday, November 18, 2012

Quabbin Park

Winsor Dam early afternoon, Nov 18, 2012
I spent another clear but cool morning at Quabbin Park. At first light the fog had rolled in at Winsor Dam so I headed in to the park itself. There was once again a large group (232) of Mallards in the cove opposite Enfield Lookout first thing in the morning. The birds quickly vacated the area to points south. Hanks Meadow proved productive once again with 17 Horned Grebes, a Pied billed Grebe, a Bufflehead, three Hooded Mergansers, a few Black Ducks and a couple of Common Loons. I also had a flyover Pine Grosbeak, a single White winged Crossbill, a couple Common Redpolls and a Greater Yellowlegs that flew from west to east. While I was here I got a call from Ian Davies that there was a blue morph Snow Goose at Arcadia. I started the walk back out to the car to head over that way but a call a few minutes later informed me the goose had left. Perhaps it will come back and I can catch up with it tomorrow? The remainder of Quabbin Park was fairly quiet with another Common Redpoll and another loon. I then headed back to Winsor Dam to check that area now that the fog had lifted. Although the fog was gone it had been replaced by a cold breeze out of the north that made viewing difficult. Only waterfowl seen were a couple Common Loons. I decided to call it quits early and head for home.  I returned to Winsor Dam in the early afternoon once the wind had died back down.  Although much more pleasant viewing conditions the only waterfowl present were a couple Common Loons.

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