Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Arcadia again

I decided to try my luck one more time at Arcadia marsh this morning trying to catch up with the Snow Goose that was there several days ago.  Yet again I missed on the Snow Goose which has probably moved on to a new location.  The marsh was yet again partially frozen but still managed to produce some birds including a Northern Pintail, 11 Black Ducks, 278 Mallards and 336 Canada Geese.  The overall numbers and diversity dropped from just a few days ago.  I also tried a couple other ponds in Easthampton but these had no activity at all.

In the afternoon I tried my luck at Quabbin to catch up with some more Pine Grosbeaks but I found none in a brief stop and the water was devoid of waterfowl.

Sorry, no photos today.  It appears I have reached my 'free' limit with this site and now they want money for more storage.  I'm trying to figure a way around it but for now no more photos and I may end up moving the blog to another hosting site such as wordpress.  Stay tuned.

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