Monday, July 16, 2012

Northern Bobwhite and others

Northern Bobwhite, Covey WMA, July 16, 2012

Northern Bobwhite, Covey WMA, July 16, 2012

Northern Bobwhite, Covey WMA, July 16, 2012

A quick post today as I'm a bit short on time and it is too hot to sit in front of a computer for very long.  We are at the beginning of yet another heat wave (the fourth this year so far) with temperatures today and tomorrow expected to peak in the mid to upper 90's.  I did a little birding the last few days in the morning before the weather got too hot.  Nothing exceptional.  This time of year typically is a bit slow bird wise as migration is limited and the amount of bird song diminishes.  I did find a few birds on my morning walks including the Northern Bobwhite today at Covey WMA.  It was quite vocal and came in close but would not sit still in the open at all to allow a good photo.  No idea how this bird escaped hunters so far.  Other birds of note this weekend and today include three Common Loons at Winsor Dam, Black billed Cuckoo and a Broad-winged Hawk along the Belchertown Land Trust trail and family groups of Brown Thrashers, Northern Mockingbirds, Louisiana Waterthrushes, and many others at various spots.  Not many photos this time around but I'm also adding in a few photos from last Monday at Covey WMA.

Green Heron, Covey WMA, July 9, 2012

Wood Duck (with ducklings) and Hooded Mergansers, Covey WMA, July 9, 2012

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