Monday, January 2, 2012

New yard bird...Wilson's a goal for the year.

I added yard bird #132 this morning when I took the dog outside and flushed a Wilson's Snipe.  A nice way to start the new year.  I visited several other areas today but didn't turn up anything too unusual.  I tried for the Dickcissel at Hampshire College and any odd waterfowl at the UMASS pond.  I struck out at both spots for anything unusual but did have a very large gathering of geese at the pond (almost 1400) plus a great look at a flyby Peregrine Falcon.

As I looked through eBird data for the last several years I noticed that I have never reached the 200 mark for species seen in one year in Hampshire County.  I have come close before with totals of 199 in 2007 and 197 in 2011.  I will update on occasion as I move toward the goal.

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