Monday, January 16, 2012

The cold continues

This morning started out at a frosty 2 degrees, which was a few degrees colder than the previous morning.  Certainly the coldest weather so far this year.  With a fair bit of sun the temperature has moderated today reaching the upper 20's so far.  With the warmer air comes the chance of snow, sleet and freezing rain tonight.  Despite the cold weather I got out at least for a short time with a walk at Covey WMA as well as a stop by Quabbin Park.  The best bird of the day was actually at home this morning at first light when I heard a Pine Siskin among the goldfinches.  I never got a look at the bird so I'm not sure exactly how many siskins were around.  A female Common Merganser and a pair of Common Ravens were the best birds at Quabbin Park and the usual assortment of birds were at Covey WMA.  No photos today, just too cold to get any.

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