Friday, January 6, 2012

Dickcissel continues at Hampshire others

Savannah Sparrow

I made a swing by Hampshire College this morning to try and relocate the Dickcissel that has been present for several weeks now.  After a bit of looking I found it still in the same general area although today it was with a couple Song and American Tree Sparrows.  Besides the Dickcissel there were three White-throated Sparrows plus the other sparrows mentioned above as well as a few Cedar Waxwings.  I also stopped briefly by Aque Vitae Road in Hadley and had a dozen Savannah Sparrows as well as a few Snow Buntings.  After my stops in the Hadley area I headed back towards home stopping by Quabbin Park where I had three Hooded Mergansers, two pairs of Common Mergansers, 16 Wild Turkeys and the other usual birds.  My final stop of the day I was joined by Wilson and we went to the Jabish Canal and the birds of note here included Winter Wren, Northern Flicker and several Golden-crowned Kinglets.  A nice day to be outside for early January with sun, little wind and temperatures starting out around freezing and getting up to the mid 40's.  Our winter of no snow and warmer temperatures continues for now.  The real question is when does the honeymoon end?

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