Monday, November 1, 2010

Arizona trip Part 1-Grand Canyon National Park...Part 1

Western Scrub Jay, Grand Canyon National Park
Red Tailed Hawk, Grand Canyon National Park

Common Raven, Grand Canyon National Park

Red Crossbill, Grand Canyon National Park

I will begin a review of my recent trip out to Arizona with one of the highlights. I had always wanted to make it out to the Grand Canyon but this was my first opportunity. Although I didn't have a large number of birds or anything too unusual the scenery alone was worth the two hour drive up from Sedona. It was so good, we went up there twice. The trick to avoiding the crowds was going early to hit the more popular spots and then moving away from the crowds to less popular parts of the park. There were times it felt as if we had the park to ourselves. I had high hopes of seeing a California Condor but it was not to be on this trip. Perhaps next time. Here are a few photos from my first day up there on October 26.

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