Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quabbin Gate 8

I made a trip up to Gate 8 at dawn and walked down to the water. It was a beautiful, calm day. I had some really nice birds along the way beginning with a hooting Great Horned Owl. I then added a Hermit Thrush, Northern Shrike, Northern Flicker, a dozen Golden crowned Kinglets, eight Red Breasted Nuthatches, seven Common Mergansers, 130+ Junco's (one group of 72), 137 American Robins most of which were leaving out of a small roost at dawn and a group of 43 Blue Jays moving around together. In addition I had some very fresh moose tracks among the other tracks in the snow.
Once back home I heard the Winter Wren that has been around all fall and winter.

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