Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years birding

I made a trip to a couple of spots this New Years morning to see what I could find. I intended on spending some time at Quabbin Park but it was closed for the holiday so I had to be content with just the area around Winsor Dam. This actually turned out to be quite productive with three Bald Eagle chasing each other, a couple Ravens, five Snow Buntings, a Red Winged Blackbird, a Song Sparrow and numerous other birds. I then went to Covey WMA and had a few more Snow Buntings, one each of Red Winged Blackbird and Raven, a couple more Bald Eagles (including my first adult of the year), four Hooded Mergansers and lots of Robins, White throats and Juncos. A very productive morning. At home I added some nice additional birds for the day including Ruffed Grouse and Winter Wren. I have had the Winter Wren around since fall.

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