Saturday, October 10, 2009

Quabbin Park in the fog

I spent a few hours this morning exploring Quabbin park before the area got the big influx of people leaf peeping. The fog really hung in this morning, especially around Quabbin Tower. I still managed a couple Lincoln's Sparrow and a Field Sparrow up there among the more usual Song, White throated and Swamp. The warbler numbers and variety continue to drop as the fall moves on. Only five species of warbler today. The big influx today seemed to be Ruby crowned Kinglets with a total of over 50. Hermit Thrushes also were around in good numbers with a total of 16 seen. Not much for waterfowl as of yet but did have a few Black Ducks and a couple of Loons out on the reservoir. I had a close encounter with a juvenile Sharp shinned Hawk and got to see what would probably be the last thing a prey item ever sees. I was in a brush dump area checking for sparrows and the Sharp shinned made a beeline for me and only broke off its flight about three feet away. I think it was trying for a House Wren right next to me but I couldn't help but feel it was heading right for me. It then landed about 15 feet away and stayed there for several minutes.


  1. Talk about the close but cool encounter w/ that Sharpie!! I bet you can't wait for leaf peeping season to be over with!

  2. It was a very cool encounter. I'll miss the nicer weather but not all the people!