Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gates 22, 16 and Winsor Dam

I spent a frosty morning checking gates 22 and 16. I only went a short distance down gate 22 road and totalled 90+ White throated Sparrows. Certainly a big influx of these with the passage of the latest cold front. Gate 16 had some nice variety of birds but only one species of warbler, Yellow rumped. The numbers of Junco's here totalled over 20 plus a nice selection of sparrows. I walked the length of gate 16 road and watched a steady steam of Blue Jays migrating south along with several small flocks of Canada Geese. There was a few raptors moving south also including a male Northern Harrier.

A brief walk at midday along Winsor Dam among the throngs of leaf peepers turned up some nice birds including a single American Pipit, a Bonaparte's Gull and a close Bald Eagle.

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