Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The first week brings in some waders and shorebirds

Great Egret, Quabbin Park, MA, Aug 5, 2019
Green Heron, Lake Wallace, Belchertown, MA, Aug 5, 2019
Great Blue Heron, Lake Wallace, Belchertown, MA, Aug 5, 2019
Great Egrets, Arcadia, Northampton, MA, Aug 3, 2019
Solitary Sandpiper, Lower Mill Pond, Easthampton, MA, Aug 6, 2019
With the beginning of August comes the dispersal of a number of waders and the beginning of shorebird migration and with them the chance for unusual species to show up.  The number of Green Herons at Lake Wallace continues to increase, reaching a high of 14 on Monday.  Great Egrets have started showing up right on time with numbers continuing to increase (with a high so far of nine at the Oxbow at Arcadia on Saturday morning).  Oddly I hit a number of spots today looking for unusual waders and could not even turn up a single Great Egret!  Shorebirds are starting to trickle in with my first Solitary Sandpipers of the season this morning at Lower Mill Pond plus the expected Spotted Sandpipers and Killdeer at a few locations.

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