Sunday, January 10, 2016

A rainy day with temperatures in the 50' a Brown Thrasher in Amherst

Winsor Dam, Quabbin Park, MA, Jan 10, 2015
I had hopes to get out a little early this morning before the expected heavy rain arrived and I did just that but I had very limited time before the rain did indeed move in. I managed to make it to Quabbin Park predawn and had a nice gathering of waterfowl including some high counts of a few species including 54 Black Ducks, 111 Mallards, 23 Common Goldeneyes, 56 Hooded Mergansers and 17 Common Mergansers plus a couple Horned Grebes. As the rain continued to increase in intensity I made a couple more quick stops but then decided to give up for the morning and run some errands. As I finished those up I got a message from Josh Rose that the Brown Thrasher he has had intermittently at his house was back. It just happened to be that the rain had let up quite a bit at that point so I figured I would try for it. When I arrived in the area the rain was starting back up again but I have good rain gear so I tried for it anyway. After about 20 minutes in the rain the bird showed briefly near the edge of a brush pile. The Brown Thrasher is quite unusual in January and it became species #77 for the county so far this year (raining way too hard to get any photos). Satisfied with finding the thrasher I headed back to the car and then it just poured. The rain kept up most the rest of the morning and into the afternoon although it got more sporadic later. It was a weird weather day with downpours at times, then quick peaks of sun, a rainbow, wind and temperatures reaching a recording setting 55...very strange for the 10th of January.

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