Friday, December 4, 2015

Ecuador Day 8, Guango Lodge then over the Andes to Quito plus totals for the trip

Great Conebill, Papallacta, Ecuador, Nov 24, 2015
Great Conebill, Papallacta, Ecuador, Nov 24, 2015
White chinned Thistletail,  Papallacta, Ecuador, Nov 24, 2015
Black chested Buzzard Eagle, Papallacta, Ecuador, Nov 24, 2015
Collard Inca, Guango Lodge, Ecuador, Nov 24, 2015
My last full day in Ecuador started off at Guango Lodge and then moved up to the high Andes once again. The first few hours were spent around Guango Lodge and turned up a very nice mixed species flock that produced even more new species. Just before nine we left to make the drive up over the Andes with a few stops along the way that proved productive once again despite some early light rain and some cold (but much better conditions then what commonly occur there). Our final stop of the day in the early afternoon produced a couple more sought after species, Great Conebill and White chinned Thistletail. Not only did we find these two species but both allowed some great photo ops. A perfect way to end the official tour.

Full lists:
Scrub Tanager, Rincon de Puembo, Ecuador, Nov 24, 2015
We made it to the hotel late in the afternoon and I spent some time trying to find reported Scrub Tanagers in the various small gardens. After a few trips around I came across two Scrub Tanagers, adding another new species for the trip. I caught up with a few other birders a bit later and tried to show them where the tanagers were but they were gone but were replaced by another new species...a Rusty Flowerpiecer.

The final species count for the trip turned out to be 389 with 265 of them being life birds for me, bringing my total life birds to 1181 (thank you eBird for easily keeping track of it for me). There were many highlights from many different bird families but hummingbirds and tanagers were very well represented and I'll probably post about them in the future.  We also found half a dozen mammal species with the highlight by far being the Spectacled Bear.  It was a great trip with a nice small group that made it all quite fun...thanks to Jose, Antonio, Arnaud and Mary.

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