Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ecuador day 5 and 6, Mashpi and Milpi

Velvet Purple Coronet, Mashpi area, Ecuador, Nov 20, 2015
Golden Tanager, Mashpi area, Ecuador, Nov 20, 2015
Golden naped Tanager, Mashpi area, Ecuador, Nov 20, 2015
Violet tailed Sylph, Mashpi area, Ecuador, Nov 20, 2015
Glistening Green Tanager, Mashpi area, Ecuador, Nov 20, 2015
Empress Brilliant, Mashpi area, Ecuador, Nov 20, 2015
Lyre tailed Nightjar, Mashpi area, Ecuador, Nov 20, 2015
The morning and early afternoon of Friday the 20th was spent in Mashpi which is a bit lower in elevation than the lodge and is located in the foothills. We walked the road down and then spent some time at a local house that had some fruit feeders and hummingbird feeders out. The walk down the road produced quite a few birds but intermittent fog made viewing tough at times. The feeders were very active and produced a number of hummingbirds including Velvet purple Coronet, Empress Brilliant, Green Thorntail and Violet tailed Slyph among others. The feeders also produced tanagers as well including Flame faced, Golden, Moss backed and Blue gray Tanagers. Once we finished up with those feeders after the arrival of another large group of birders we walked part of the road back up and ran across more mixed species flocks. Lots of good birds but the large group of birders followed us and scared a lot of stuff away. We got ahead of them and made it to another set of fruit feeders that held additional tanagers including Black throated Mountain Tanager plus Moss backed and Rufous throated Tanagers. We then headed back out again with a stop for lunch before working a few more stretches of road further out which produced more birds including a roosting Lyre tailed Nightjar. We arrived back at the lodge in late afternoon in the rain and I spent some more time checking out the hummingbird feeders which produced double digit species variety once again. We managed to avoid rain for the day and only had to contend with some fog and light drizzle a couple times.  A total of 99 species for the day was quite respectable.

Full lists:

Choco Toucan, Milpi, Ecuador, Nov 21, 2015
White necked Jacobin, Milpi, Ecuador, Nov 21, 2015
Booted Racket-tail, Tandayapa Lodge, Ecuador, Nov 21, 2015
Andean Emerald, Tandayapa Lodge, Ecuador, Nov 21, 2015
On Saturday the 21st we headed down to Milpi which is situated about midway between Rio Silanche and Mashpi and therefore contained species from both areas (as well as some new ones). The hummingbird and fruit feeders there held quite a few birds with numbers of White necked Jacobins, Crowned Woodnymph and a nice selection of tanagers and euphonias. The road just outside produced our best looks yet at both Choco and Black mandibled Toucans. We then walked the trails but they were actually quite quiet but we did manage two species of manakin (Golden winged and Club winged). We then went up the road just a bit to another set of trails in the jungle and landed a few mixed species flocks. By the time we finished up it was a bit after noontime and we made a short drive into town to eat a nice, warm meal at a restaurant overlooking the Rio Blanco. The restaurant also had feeders which produced more hummingbirds and good numbers and variety of tanagers. On our way back to the lodge we took the rough dirt road over the mountain into the Tandayapa valley. We walked a short bit along the road but the rain started falling quite heavy so we ditched that plan and drove down the rest of the way into the valley. The ride didn't produce much variety but did produce some quality with a Sickle winged Guan and an Andean Cock of the Rock female sitting on a nest. A late afternoon arrival at the lodge in the rain found the feeders as busy as I have seen them with swarms of hummingbirds totaling at least 15 species and dozens of individuals.  We broke a hundred species again today with a total of 103.

Full lists:

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