Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Herons and egret in a little puddle in Hadley

Green Heron, Hadley, MA, Aug 5, 2014
Green Heron, Hadley, MA, Aug 5, 2014
Solitary Sandpiper, Hadley, MA, Aug 5, 2014
Green Heron, Hadley, MA, Aug 5, 2014
After hearing about a nice assortment of herons/egrets (Great Blue and Green Herons and a Great Egret) and some Spotted Sandpipers in a small puddle in Hadley I stopped at the location on my way to work.  Thick fog made viewing difficult but I managed to find a single Great Blue Heron and six Green Herons plus a single Solitary Sandpiper in the small puddle.  No luck with a Great Egret again this morning but I had better luck later when I stopped by briefly on my way home (no photo of the egret today).  The Great Egret became species #216 for Hampshire County this year which puts me exactly tied with my record setting pace of last year when I also reached 216 on August 5th....weird.  I also took a quick ride through the Honey Pot section of Hadley and several of the fields look good to host some shorebirds with the right weather conditions…time will tell.

As quick update on Tropical Storm Bertha spinning out in the Atlantic.  The storm actually reached hurricane status for a time before losing a little strength and dropping back to tropical storm status.  Last hurricane season only two storms reached hurricane strength over the course of the entire season.  Bertha is still forecast to head out to see and possibly brush Newfoundland but it will have no impact on the US beyond some higher surf on the coast.   There are no other likely prospects for tropical development on the horizon at this point.

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