Saturday, October 5, 2013

Arcadia meadows

Song Sparrow, Arcadia, Oct 5, 2013
Swamp Sparrow, Arcadia, Oct 5, 2013
I spent about an hour and a half in the Arcadia meadows this morning and although I didn’t get any really unusual birds I did manage some decent stuff.  Sparrows were the name of the game this morning as I found half a dozen species including the following totals: Savannah Sparrow-33, Song Sparrow-97, Lincoln’s Sparrow-4, Swamp Sparrow-26, White throated Sparrow-15 and White crowned Sparrow-3.  The numbers are an absolute minimum of the areas around the Ibis Pool and half the trolley line only.  I can imagine the total number of sparrows throughout the meadows must number several hundred at least.   I also had a Great Horned Owl hooting before dawn, a Winter Wren, five House Wrens, a Northern Harrier and four species of warbler including at least ten Common Yellowthroats and a Nashville Warbler.  There were also five Double crested Cormorants in the nearby oxbow.


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