Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rainy and foggy

Despite the rain and fog today I managed to get out for a bit checking the waters of Quabbin.  Nothing too unusual but you never know what you will find until you go out and look.  I started and finished at Winsor Dam with other stops at Goodnough Dike and Gate 52 plus Hanks Meadow.  I got fairly soaked as the weather was quite changeable with times of drizzle and then heavier rain.  Waterfowl was primarily concentrated at Hanks Meadow with only a few loons at other locations.  I had the following waterfowl this morning:  One Black Duck, ten Hooded Mergansers, nine Mallards, eight Horned Grebe and three Common Loons.  Given the weather conditions landbirds were few and far between but I did turn up five Pine Grosbeaks in the crabapple trees at Quabbin HQ.

Without too much activity at Quabbin I decided to try my luck at the UMASS campus pond to try and see what unusual waterfowl might be there.  There were only Mallards on the pond plus a handful of Ring billed Gulls.  The fields near the Mullin center had a 100+ gulls but nothing beyond Ring billed Gulls.  With the rain showing no sign of stopping I headed for home.

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