Friday, June 22, 2012

House Wrens fledge

I just watched one of my nesting families of House Wrens fledge out of the nest box.  They have gotten big enough the last few days the adults rarely entered the box and instead fed them at the nest hole.  There are at least two more wrens still a bit reluctant to leave but the others have fledged.  The adult was able to coax one by flying up to the box with food which one of the young ate quickly and then coming right back with more food but instead flying away with it instead of feeding the young wren at the nest home.  The young wren immediately flew out and followed the adult into the blackberry bushes.  Neat to see.


  1. More astute observing. Speaking of Blackberries, based on the bloom, I think they're going to be loaded. I can hardly wait.

  2. The blackberries and raspberries look really good this year...hopefully the birds leave me a few!