Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A new Quabbin bird and tagged goose from last week

Northern Shovelers, Quabbin Park, MA, April 4, 2012

Northern Shovelers, Quabbin Park, MA, April 4, 2012
On a brief stop this morning at Winsor Dam before work I had a species I had never seen at Quabbin before: Northern Shovelers.  I had a pair together out on the calm waters.  I managed a distant digiscope shot with my iPhone.  It is an distant, blurry but identifiable shot of the pair.  It is quite rare now that I get a new species for Quabbin.  It is indeed odd that I have had Sooty Tern and White-tailed Tropicbird at Quabbin before I had a Northern Shoveler!  In addition to the shovelers I had two pairs of Bufflehead, four Black Ducks, four Mallards and a single Canada Goose plus an immature Bald Eagle catching a large fish just off shore as well as an adult eagle on the nest.

Tagged Canada Goose, Barton's Cove, Turners Falls, MA, April 4, 2012
The information on the tagged goose I saw last week at Barton's Cove came back yesterday and here is what I found about the goose.  She was tagged on July 5, 2011 in Varennes, Quebec (about 10 miles northeast of Montreal).  She certainly has travelled around a bit so far.  Always interesting to see where various tagged birds came from. 

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