Saturday, August 27, 2011

The upcoming hurricane

Hurricane Irene continues he journey north as a category 1 storm.  It is expected to come right up through the Connecticut River valley and therefore right through the neighborhood!  The predictions are for heavy rains (6" or more) and winds up to hurricane strength.  The only silver lining is the potential for rare birds to show up with this storm.  I'm hopeful the damage will be slight and the birding great.  I will update when I can.  The expectation is to lose power for the day and possibly longer.  A great link to hurricane birding can be found here:

Stay tuned....

UPDATE:  Made two stops at Winsor Dam at Quabbin Park to see if any birds came in with the first rain bands.  I had a sterna species (possibly Common Tern) flying away at quite a distance and moving north not to be seen again.  In addition had a flight of 37 Common Nighthawks move east to west between the rain bands.  No other storm related birds but did have a few Common Loons, cormorants, three adult Bald Eagle, lots of Ring-billed Gulls and at dusk 65+ Mallards and a smattering of Wood Ducks and Hooded Mergansers.

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