Friday, August 26, 2011

Common Nighthawks in the morning...

Common Nighthawk, Quabbin Gate 11, Aug 26, 2011

Common Nighthawk, Quabbin Gate 11, 2011

I took a morning trip up to the central part of Quabbin and had a good few hours of birding.  The morning started with at least a dozen Common Nighthawks feeding along the entrance of gate 11.  They were quite difficult to photograph as they swept by just over the tops of the trees.  I then made it into central Quabbin and migration was in evidence today as I ran across several mixed species flocks with the highlight being a male Wilson's Warbler.  Breeding was still in evidence also as I had a turkey with several robin sized young and a few vireos and warblers still begging food from parents.  A very nice morning all around.

Hornet nest, central Quabbin, Aug 26, 2011

spider web in fog, central Quabbin, Aug 26, 2011

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