Monday, January 31, 2011

Hadley farm fields

Horned Larks, Hadley, MA, January 31, 2011
Lapland Longspur, Hadley, MA, January, 31, 2011
American Pipit, Hadley, MA, January 31, 2011
Horned Lark, Hadley, MA, January 31, 2011
I made a trip to some farm fields in Hadley this morning to follow up on reports of various birds in the area. I managed to come across a large flock of Horned Larks (190+) which had at least three Lapland Longspurs mixed in with them. I also found a very cooperative American Pipit as well as another surprise bird...a Rusty Blackbird. The massive amount of snow has concentrated these birds into the only snow free areas around and allows for some spectacular views. I wanted to get some views of these birds before the next big snowstorm hits tomorrow.


  1. Congratulations, Larry, on the Lapland Longspur! I'd love to see and photograph one. Nice shots in this post!

  2. Thanks. It was one of the best views I have ever had of Lapland Longspurs.

  3. Amazing shot of the Horned Lark. Still searching for the perfect picture. Looks like I need to go to west.