Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gate 35 and Winimusset Wildlife Management Area

I made an early morning walk into Gate 35 and was rewarded with some more nice sightings. The morning began with a calling Barred Owl right at the gate. Although the shorebirds numbers reported yesterday were much reduced today I still managed a few Spotted and Semipalmated Sandpipers as well as an unidentified group of peeps. There was a nice selection of loons, Bald Eagles, Double crested Cormorants and Common Mergansers. Despite alot of scoping of the reservoir I was unable to turn up anything out of the ordinary. After almost three hours here I decided to head out before the threatening weather turned bad.

Winimusset Wildlife Management Area (photo courtesy of East Quabbin Bird Club)

I then went to Winimusset Wildlife Management Area to see the area where my friend Chris Ellison's ashes were scattered. When I arrived it started to rain but I really wanted to make it out to the spot. I walked out through the fields and out to the marsh to the spot described to me by one of Chris's friends and just then a Great Egret came out of the marsh circled over me and left the area. It was neat to have a nice bird lift out of the marsh just as I arrived at the area of Chris's ashes. By this point I was completely soaked but glad I made it out here to see the spot where he will spend eternity. It is a nice spot and certainly better than any cemetery. I know his spirit will always be checking out the marsh and seeing lots of activity.

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