Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hawk migration

I spent just under two hours this morning atop Goat's Peak tower at Mount Tom State Reservation watching the hawk migration. Given the weather conditions I was hopeful for a good flight and was not disappointed! A total of 495 Broad wings plus a few Osprey, Harriers, Sharpies, Cooper's and Kestrels rounded out the hawk migrants. In addition a total of 70 Double Crested Cormorants and an early Bank Swallow plus groups of Yellow rumped Warblers. The birds were still moving when I left at midday. I can only imagine the overall total for the day. A fantastic spring hawk watch day.


  1. Lucky you Larry! I am so hoping they are not at their total peek right now and will hold off until Saturday when I can see some of those magnificent Broad-winged Hawks. Great picture you got of one and it sounds like you had the perfect day for it.

  2. It was a great of the best spring hawk watch days I ever had. Hopefully there will be some left for you this weekend...I'm sure there will be.