Sunday, April 25, 2010

Arizona Part 3 Rufous capped Warbler and Flame Colored Tanager

Flame colored Tanager-Madera Canyon

Rufous capped Warbler- Florida Canyon
In my ongoing review of my trip to Arizona in late March and early April I had to review two of my best sightings of the trip. I really wanted to find both of these birds and I had great luck with both. The Flame colored Tanager had just shown up for the season a couple days before we arrived in Madera Canyon. This bird has apparently been returning here for several years. I had distant but nice views the first afternoon we arrived. A nice looking bird!
The Rufous capped Warbler had been present in Florida Canyon off and on for months. I really was hopeful to get a look at this warbler. We arrived in Florida Canyon mid morning and started up the canyon, having to jump across the stream in several areas. I went further upstream alone and had no luck. When I returned back down canyon I was encouraged to try again by the wife and luck was on my side the second time. I'm certainly glad I went back to try again.

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