Thursday, December 24, 2009

Quabbin Gate 8

I decided I needed to get out a bit so I made a long walk in from Gate 8 to the water as well as a mile plus detour up road 8-2. Although the forecast was for much lighter winds today that was not the case as the wind stayed up most of the morning but at least lighter than the last few days. Some good numbers of birds all around with highlights of three Ruffed Grouse (plus lots of tracks), fourteen Red breasted Nuthatch's, a couple each of Brown Creeper and Raven, eleven Golden crowned

Kinglets, a lone Red winged Blackbird fly over deep in the woods (where was he headed?), plus a total of 204 Dark eyed Junco's (with the largest groups numbering 95+ and 47), 76 Black capped Chickadee's and 238 American Robins most of which were moving west near dawn likely leaving a roost somewhere north or northeast of Gate 8 road. At the water I had three pairs of Hooded Mergansers, a Common Loon and a couple Bald Eagles. As I got down to the boat launch area it started to snow a bit which added nicely to the Christmas mood of the day. A long but productive walk.