Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Common Nighthawks August 24 and 25

I have had some great luck with Nighthawks the last couple evenings. Yesterday at home turned out to be one of the best nights I have ever had for Nighthawks. It started slow but when I went back outside after dinner around 6:40 the show began. There were dozens then hundreds of birds feeding right over the house for around 45 minutes. I was in awe of the numbers and great looks. The total for the night was a very conservative 388. On the 25th I watched from Northampton and ended the night with a total just over 400 plus an equally impressive number of 500+ Bobolinks coming to roost. All this plus thousands and thousands of Grackles and blackbirds going to roost made for another fine evening. I still have to download photos from last night to see if I got any 'keepers'.


  1. Wow! Nice nighthawk pictures! I have never seen them this close.

  2. Thanks...These guys were right at tree top level over the house for 45 minutes...snapped through alot of photos to get these keepers.