Thursday, July 2, 2009

Various raptors around today....

I caught up with a few raptors today between the rain showers. The day started with me rising earlier intending to get out right away but was met with a downpour. I then had to make a trip to Deerfield for an appointment and stopped by Mount Sugarloaf to check on the Peregrines. There was at least one juvenile calling and jumping around the nest (an old ravens nest) and flapping its wings. It eventually took a few short flights around the cliff face. An adult bird came in once to feed and then took back off.

Later in the day along Jabish Canal in Belchertown I found a pair of juvenile Broad winged Hawks being harrassed by a group of crows. I also found a Cooper's Hawk juvenile calling in a grove of pines further along the canal. Many species of birds were represented by juveniles on my walk along the canal including Yellow Warblers, Common Yellowthroats, Blue Gray Gnatcatchers, Gray Catbirds and Song and Swamp Sparrows.


  1. Larry, interesting report; I wonder you got anything done with all that bad weather. Here in Brattleboro there was hardly any break in the rain until this evening. Could you email the directions to the peregrine nest on Mount Sugarloaf? ( I would love to try to get some photos.

  2. I can give you directions to there...I'll e-mail you.