Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Merlins and Orchard Orioles

I made a quick stop at a couple locations in Northampton this morning before work to try and catch up with a few birds I had heard about. My first stop was the community gardens in Northampton were I found three Orchard Orioles (one adult female and two juveniles). In addition I had a few Baltimore Orioles, a Scarlet Tanager, Rose Breasted Grosbeak and other species all feeding in the few mulberry trees located in the gardens. Some very nice looks at this birds as they fed on the fruit. In addition there were alot of recently fledged birds around the gardens including mockingbird, house wren, and eastern bluebird

I next stopped briefly at the Merlin nest in Florence and was rewarded with quick looks at young in the nest and the appearance of one of the adults. Not the best looks at the nest but it is over 80 feet in a pine and quite hidden. Only the second nesting record in the state and in an unexpected location in a suburban neighborhood.

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