Saturday, November 3, 2018

At least five Cattle Egrets following southerly winds

Cattle Egrets, North Hadley, MA, Nov 3, 2018
Cattle Egrets, Hadley, MA, Nov 3, 2018
Cattle Egrets, Hadley, MA, Nov 3, 2018
Cattle Egrets, Hadley, MA, Nov 3, 2018
Brown headed Cowbirds and European Starlings, Hadley, MA, Nov 3, 2018
After having southerly winds and warmer than normal temperatures the last couple days a number of Cattle Egrets appeared to have been pushed north with at least five present in Hadley alone today.  After a morning of rain where I hit a few spots around Quabbin early on where the best bird of the morning was a somewhat late Bonaparte's Gull at Winsor Dam, I spent the rest of the morning catching up on stuff around the house.  Early in the afternoon I saw a post about a couple Cattle Egrets in North Hadley and I decided to make a run over to see them.  I had a couple Cattle Egrets back in May but it is a species that is missed most years in the county so thought I would try to catch up with them again today.  Before today I have had a total of three Cattle Egrets ever (a single in 2017 and the two earlier this year in May).  I managed to catch up with at least five individuals today at two different locations in Hadley...two birds in North Hadley and three in southern Hadley.  These birds appear to be part of an incursion of the species into the northeast compliments of the southerly winds.  Besides the egrets the best birds during my afternoon trip out included a continued Pectoral Sandpiper in North Hadley and at least 700 Brown headed Cowbirds at Cook's Farm.  I tried to find something else unusual among the cowbirds but no luck today.

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