Thursday, August 23, 2018

Buff breasted Sandpiper and Dickcissel this morning plus an early Cape May Warbler

Merlin, Hatfield, MA, Aug 23, 2018
Killdeer and a Buff breasted Sandpiper, Hatfield, MA, Aug 23, 2018
Cape May Warbler (photo through binoculars), Honey Pot, Hadley, MA, Aug 23, 2018
After the rain yesterday and the winds again coming out of the north I headed out after work in search of some shorebirds (or anything else I might stumble across).  I was later getting out then I intended but I eventually made it up to Hatfield where I immediately ran across a Merlin sitting on the edge of one of the fields and the calls of Killdeer filled the background.  I started scanning the fields and came across a number of Killdeer and a single Buff breasted Sandpiper that quickly took flight as the Merlin cruised toward them.  Once the birds were up in the air I counted at least 41 Killdeer plus the Buff breasted Sandpiper heading off to the north.  I attempted a number of shots through the scope with my phone but the birds were just too far out to get decent shots.  As I searched some other fields trying to track down the flock again I had a flyover Dickcissel giving its unique flight call...I managed to get a recording of the bird before it disappeared.  Full list with crappy photos at the following link.  I then headed over to Hadley to search additional farm fields for other shorebirds but came up empty.  I did however have a mixed species flock there that included a early Cape May Warbler (hopefully just the start of many more to come).

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