Friday, March 18, 2016

A cool week brings a few new birds

American Tree Sparrow, Great Pond, Hatfield, MA, Mar 18, 2016
Song Sparrow, Great Pond, Hatfield, MA, Mar 18, 2016
American Tree Sparrow with extensive white on wing, Great Pond, Hatfield, MA, Mar 18, 2016
American Tree Sparrows (one with extensive white on wing compared to typical individual), Great Pond, Hatfield, MA, Mar 18, 2016
Fox Sparrow, Mitch's Way, Hadley, MA, Mar 18, 2016
Yellow bellied Sapsucker, Mitch's Way, Hadley, MA, Mar 18, 2016
I spent the morning covering numerous areas from Quabbin over the river and then to Great Pond in Hatfield then down Route 47 down to South Hadley and then back home.  Waterfowl numbers were down quite a bit and the only large group of geese were flying north against the strong northwest winds.  I had a few notable species including several American Woodcocks and Killdeer at various locations, a Ring necked Pheasant, a dozen plus American Tree Sparrows (including one individual with extensive white on its wing) and a Fox Sparrow at Great Pond, a flock of 43 Wild Turkeys at the old Pilgrim Airport, a Wilson's Snipe (#107) and a group of 77 Horned Larks along Meadow Street in Amherst, a Yellow bellied Sapsucker and a Fox Sparrow at Mitch's Way and at least seven Tree Swallows at Lake Wallace.  Overall it seemed rather quiet given the amount of area I covered but the cool temperatures and strong winds certainly didn't help.
Mammatus Clouds, Belchertown, MA, Mar 17, 2016
I arrived home yesterday following a line of showers and had an Eastern Phoebe (#106) calling from along the Jabish Brook.  Some impressive Mammatus Clouds were also visible after the storm line moved through.
Canada Goose with limited white on face, Hadley, MA, Mar 16, 2016
I have checked the Connecticut River several times this week on the way to work but have not had anything too unusual but certainly a continued increase in Green winged Teal and Wood Ducks.  I also turned up another unusual Canada Goose which had a nearly black face with very limited white.

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