Friday, February 12, 2016

Various stops in the valley before the arctic chill

Black capped Chickadee, Swift River, Ware, MA, Feb 12, 2016
American Robin, Swift River, Ware, MA, Feb 12, 2016
Dark eyed Junco, rail trail near mall, Hadley, MA, Feb 12, 2016
American Tree Sparrow, Honey Pot, Hadley, MA, Feb 12, 2016
White crowned Sparrow (adult), East Meadows, Northampton, MA, Feb 12, 2016
White crowned Sparrow (juvenile), East Meadows, Northampton, MA, Feb 12, 2016
Winsor Dam, Quabbin Park, MA, Feb 12, 2016
I figured I would get out a bit this morning before the real arctic chill and strong winds arrive for the weekend.  It ended up being colder this morning then forecast with a low just below zero.  Thankfully there was light wind and it eventually warmed into the 20's.  The weekend looks to feature highs around ten (or less) and lows possibly getting to -15 on Sunday morning plus winds throughout the period with wind chills to -40...cold stuff!  I covered quite a bit of territory during the morning with stops in the East Meadows, the Honey Pot, fields throughout Hadley, a small area of the rail trail near the malls (looking in vain again for a Pine Warbler seen there early this month), then over to Quabbin Park and few spots along the Swift River.  All the small bodies of water were ice covered and the rivers were mostly frozen too.  Quabbin itself remains mostly ice free although some of the coves have started to ice up.  Not many highlights this morning but some decent sightings nonetheless.  The two White crowned Sparrows continue in the East Meadows among a mixed sparrow flock.  A number of Savannah Sparrows were in another mixed flock along Aqua Vitae Road in Hadley.  Quabbin Park produced a lingering Common Loon as well as 40+ Common Mergansers but no other waterfowl.  I could only find one open spot along the Swift River that contained waterfowl (Mallards and seven Hooded Mergansers).

I was going to try for 'the gull' in Turner's Falls yesterday evening but couldn't make it there (and it was apparently a no show so I guess I didn't miss anything!).  I gave some thought to going up that way late this morning but with negative reports from the night before and the bird seldom being seen before early evening I decided against it.  Perhaps I will make another try for it next week if it reappears.
Wilson in the snow, Belchertown, MA, Feb 12, 2016
Wilson in search of something under the snow, Belchertown, MA, Feb 12, 2016
Once I got back home I picked up Wilson and we went for a walk along the Jabish Canal.  Fairly quiet as far as birds go but Wilson had a great time trying to find critters under the snow.

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