Friday, November 27, 2015

Morning around south Quabbin

Mute Swans, Quabbin Park, MA, Nov 27, 2015
Common Goldeneyes, Quabbin Park, MA, Nov 27, 2015
Winsor Dam, Quabbin Park, MA, Nov 27, 2015
After spending yesterday trying to get over lack of sleep from the previous days and the effects of a cold I got out a little this morning to see what might be around and enjoy some of the unseasonable warmth (50's in the AM climbing to the low 60's).  I stayed close to home with visits to Quabbin Park and Beaver Lake.  Winsor Dam was quiet for birds but I did run into Bob Z. and he mentioned he had the Pink Footed Goose (found by James S. the previous day) leaving the power canal in Turners Falls yesterday so hopefully it is still around and will works its way down the river to Hampshire County.  Quabbin Park produced a little excitement when I got down to Hank's Meadow and saw a group of five swans round the corner near the area of Gate 52.  I really hoped they would be Tundra Swans but they were just Mute Swans (an unusual species at Quabbin but not nearly as good as Tundra Swans would be).  Also had eight Common Goldeneyes, nine Horned Grebes and four Common Loons in the area.  Beaver Lake was a little busier then it has been lately but didn't produce anything unusual.

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