Friday, February 20, 2015

The very cold weather continues with no end in sight

Common Goldeneyes, Connecticut River, Hadley, MA, Feb 20, 2015
The extreme cold and snowy weather continues unabated with lows the last few mornings below zero and highs in the teens to 20's with a strong wind overnight into the day today.  The forecast does not show any break in this pattern with more snow (and possibly freezing rain) forecast for tomorrow into Sunday and then another cold blast.  It has got to end at some point but not any time soon.  Despite the cold temperatures I just wanted to get out a little this morning before doing work around the house.  I headed over to the Connecticut River in Hadley and then went up along the river in Hatfield and then back down the east side of the river through the Honey Pot before heading home.  The amount of open water available for waterfowl is probably as low as I have ever seen it around here.  The water below the Coolidge Bridge held 16 Canada Geese, a Black Duck, 53 Mallards, five Common Goldeneyes, a pair of Bald Eagles and a Peregrine Falcon.  All the areas I was able to check as I worked north along the river were frozen solid.  I didn't find any more waterfowl until I made it down to the Honey Pot where I found half a dozen Common Goldeneyes but little else.  The fields all along the river were very quiet with just a few Horned Larks at the Honey Pot.  Overall a very quiet morning but not unexpected given the current weather conditions.
Wilson in the snow
Wilson in the snow
Wilson in the snow
I think Wilson may be the only one who really enjoys this weather.  He never seems to tire of being out in in it and eating as much snow as he can!

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