Saturday, July 5, 2014

No storm birds, more rails and a new yard species

Virginia Rail, Belchertown, MA, July 5, 2014
Virginia Rail, Belchertown, MA, July 5, 2014
I spent a little time early this morning at a cool (mid 50's) and windy Winsor Dam in the faint hope of finding something storm related. Scott S. was there looking too but no luck at all which is not surprising given the track of Arthur but it was worth a look nonetheless. It sounds like a few pelagic birds got pushed in a little closer to shore on the cape but nothing too unusual yet. I have seen a few reports from Nova Scotia of a number of terns, skimmers, gulls, storm petrels and others but still nothing too crazy. Without much to see at the dam we headed over to Lake Wallace and had the usual suspects there. I then headed over to a small marsh elsewhere in Belchertown and had a few cooperative Virginia Rails which allowed a few photos before disappearing again. Probably the best bird of the day was a Black Vulture that flew over the house around 1:30 heading east...I ran back in to get the camera but the bird was gone by the time I got back outside. The vulture became yard species #157!

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